My work explores perception as it relates to photography’s objectivity, taking cues from earlier work such as the Pictures Generation. My photographs also seek to understand the validity of images in a generation that seems preoccupied with representations of desire. My photographs construct lies, and they openly give them to the viewer without concealment. From my experience as an editorial retoucher, I find tangibility and truth in the process of using large-scale prints to create illusions that could otherwise be Photoshopped. The large prints provide experiential moments that shape encounters and expectations, and play on uncertainties. I photograph spaces, print these photographs into life-size murals, and place subjects and objects in front of the murals where they are photographed in a perspective that solicits the illusion of a three-dimensional space, uniting the subject with the two-dimensional mural. The work leaves visual identifiers of the photographs falsehood, and it examines the process of initially tricking the audience into believing the constructed illusion, for the viewer to work through their own realization of its fabrication.